Friday, October 7, 2011

Hello Everyone!

It's not an original title I know, but you've got to start somewhere.  My name is Kevin.  Reliant is my screen name which you can see practically everywhere.  Anyways, the blogs that I will be posting here will be about technology.  Specifically about computer repair technology.  I'm owner/operator of There is always room for one more voice in the technology world and I'm going to be giving you my thoughts on computer repair topics, products, and maybe a few techniques that I'm willing to give up to help your computer run smoothly.  Some of it will of course be trivial or even things that you heard about elsewhere.  If you have a topic that you would like me to talk about from the technology world shoot me an email or leave a comment. Please keep your comments civil, as they will be monitored.
So keep an eye out for future posts!   You can look for me at my social media accounts such as:
Twiiter: 108Reliant
Facebook: Kevin Adair